Nc Home Inspection Agreement

Nc Home Inspection Agreement

Page 1 of 2 The inspection does not involve destructive tests or dismantling. The following systems and components and domains are NOT part of the systems contained in the inspection or inspection report, unless there has been any further discussion and mandate between the customer and the company: – latent or hidden defects, compliance with code or area regulations or allow the search or installation of systems or components or recalls. – structural, geological, terrestrial, wavy or hydrological stability, measurement, engineering, analysis or testing. – termites or other insects and organisms, rodents or other parasites, rot or fungi; or damage caused by or in relation to the previous one. – Private water, aerolytics or detergents, radiative heating systems or solar heating systems. -A wastewater disposal system is not included unless it is contractually agreed between the customer and the company for an additional fee. – Pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, fountains or other types of related systems and components. – Estimating repair costs or estimating the building. – Thermostatic or watchmaker controls, radios, automatic doors or elevators, elevators, dumbwaiter. – Devices and gas appliances such as fireplaces, barbecues, heaters and lamps. The gas stop valve.

All gas leaks. Heat exchanger in the oven. – seismic safety, safety or fire protection systems or by safety stirrups and/or safety equipment. – Any adverse condition that may affect the desire of the property, including, but not only, proximity to railway tracks or aircraft routes, boundaries, facilities or rights of way, adjacent real estate or neighborhood. – Unique/technically complex systems or components life or adequacy or efficiency, or a single system or component. -Compliance with past or current state codes or regulations is not verified. 8. LIMITATIONEN DUE TO WEATHER Extreme weather conditions may limit the scope of the inspection. Snow-covered landscaping, access and walks, sorting and roofing are not fully accessible. Weather conditions can make it easier to identify leaks, but can prevent access to and inspection of the roof surface. Dry periods limit the ability to detect moisture problems, leaks and infiltration, as well as flood conditions in and around the site.

Heaters may not be fully tested in hot weather. Air conditioning systems are not tested if the temperature was below sixty (60) degrees in the last 24 hours. A new post-inspection of objects excluded due to bad weather does not enter the scope of this inspection, but can be carried out for an additional fee. 9. THE LAW AND SEVERABILITY North Carolina GOVERNS this agreement. If part of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court or arbitrator, the other conditions between the parties remain in effect. 10. RECEIPT OF REPORT The company`s agreement to carry out the inspection is subject to the customer`s agreement for the terms, conditions and restrictions of the agreement. If this agreement is not signed by the Customer before or at the time of the written inspection report to the Customer and the Customer contradicts one of the conditions of this Agreement, the Customer must return the written inspection report to the company within seven (7) days and the fees paid are refunded to the Customer.

The non-restitution of the written inspection report and the payment of the royalty constitute the total acceptance by the customer of all the terms of this contract. 11. PRE-SETTLEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES It is the responsibility of clients to continue to review all issues mentioned in the report with the relevant specialists and technicians in order to determine the correct procedure and the actual costs of repair and updating. The customer also acknowledges that this inspection does not replace the pre-settlement inspection carried out by the customer shortly before the legal acceptance of the property, as conditions may change, damage may occur, devices may fail and symptoms, signs and indications may occur between the

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